Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Daily Preparedness

It was another hot summer mid-morning in Oklahoma.  I shouldn't have waited to start my run this late, but my muscles were screaming to be challenged, my feet needed to beat the pavement, and my head needed time to “just be”.  That is what running provides me; it is my escape.  I didn't want to skip it.  Already several hours into my day at my home office computer, I craved the experience.  So I hastily decided to go for it, throwing on my running shoes as I left to take kids to their events.  I would get a quick run in while they did their things and then we could return home.

In my haste, I left my running belt on my closet shelf.  It caught my eye as I was grabbing my watch and visor, but I thought to myself, “It’s just going to be a few miles today, I’ll be fine.”  At 10:00 AM it was already in the mid 80’s and the air was thick with humidity.  I chose an out and back route.  I knew the heat would be stifling and I knew that I don’t like the heat.  Give me a race with freezing temperatures and sleet and I’ll run a personal best half marathon time.  Place me on a circular route when it’s hot and I will quit the first time I circle past my car.  (Just keeping it real here.)

Halfway through my run, I realized that I was not properly prepared.  My throat was parched and I needed those water bottles on the running belt I had left on my closet shelf. 

It made me wonder how often we do this in our Spiritual life.  We skip our quiet time with the intention of digging into God’s Word later.  How many times do we get distracted in our mornings and when our Bible catches our eye, we think to ourselves, “Oh I've just got a few things to do first, I’ll be fine” and then things pile upon things and before we know it, we are knee deep in the circumstances of our day and are ill-prepared for any challenges we may face?  We find ourselves realizing that we are in desperate need for a taste of His living water to quench our souls thirst. 

Friends, if you are already into your day and you haven’t spent time with God, take time right now to meet with Him.  
  • Meditate on His Word.  
  • Thank Him for Who He is and for what He is doing in your life.  
  • Ask Him for His guidance today.  
He is waiting to fill you with cool, refreshing water from His limitless supply.  

Drink deeply, prepare for your day, and go run confidently!

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