Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crazy Tulips & Transforming Growth

My friend Diane has a batch of flowers she calls her "crazy tulips".  She posted on social media, "They start out yellow and each day they bloom, they become peach, coral and finally a beautiful orange”.  As I looked at the photo, I thought.....

I AM those crazy tulips!

I have been buried under the widows’ heaviness of a bitter cold, dry, and dusty covering.

God has continued to nourish my deepest layers through the toughest of droughts.

His power has enabled me to slowly push my way through the darkness, until I peeked up into the warmth of light again.

The strength of His Spirit has caused me to burst forth; to grow and to flourish, even while the ground around me still shows signs of seasons past.

I am being transformed daily from a soft (fragile) yellow to a pale (delicate) peach.  How exciting for me to see that a lovely (strong) coral will emerge and to know I will eventually be a vibrant (flourishing) orange.  Ever so slowly, God is changing me from the inside out. He is walking with me through my stages of grief and mourning.

My Savior is renewing my mind each day.  I am shedding the anger.  I am learning to deny the feelings of frustration.  I am moving past the pity part(ies).  I am pushing through the sorrow.  He is softening the edges of my petals once more and bathing me in His light. 

The God of the universe began a work in me 28 years ago on the night I surrendered myself to Him.  He promises to see it through to completion.  

He is at work.  

He has a purpose.

He is not a quitter (possibly what I love most!).

Our God brings forth fresh growth.  He makes things new.  He creates beauty from the dust of the past.  Regardless of what our past holds…the sorrows, the mistakes, the sin…He will rescue us and create something beautiful.   He will complete His work in each of His children when we surrender ourselves to His will.   

“…He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…”
~Philippians 1:6

Oh what a glorious blessing it is to have His Spirit at work inside of us, challenging us to grow in new ways, through difficult seasons; and causing us to burst forth in brilliant colors.

He is committed to seeing His good work through to its beautiful, vibrant completion.

Lord God, thank you that you never give up on us.  You never leave us to do this life alone.  You are our strength and our beauty.  I love how you provide both detailed complexity and artistic creativity all around us.  Thank you that you are constantly at work within us and that you have a plan.  Help me to rest in that knowledge as I navigate this grief.  I don’t want to become hardened and useless for your kingdom, Lord.  Complete your work within me.  Amen   


  1. Susan Jones, El PasoApril 6, 2014 at 7:00 PM

    Astonishing. Thank you...

  2. What an amazing young woman you are. Continue your posts and share your growth. Just amazing.